Harley Demos at the Licking Motorcycle Cruise in

The parking lot at Sonic was filled with over 100 motorcycles last Thursday night.

By Sue Daniels


Thursday evening was a record attendance for our cruise-in.  We had a total of 113 bikes & who knows how many bikers, since some have passengers. In fact I told them we had 113 1/2 bikes, because we had one with a sidecar. Our old record was 98, and it has been kind of a fun thing for the bikers to keep count each time trying to break 100.  Well, we did it. I wonder if they will continue to keep count.  I don’t know if it was the pretty riding weather or the Demo bikes from Ozark Harley-Davidson of Lebanon that brought in the record crowd. Could have even been that we had so many extra door prizes on this particular night since we saved the prizes from the previous month, seeing that on that night a tornado passed through Licking.  Yes, we had several bikes attend on that night and even the Demos showed up. Only a few people were able to ride last time before the weather turned bad, so I asked if they would like to return, and they said, yes!

The crew from Ozark Harley-Davidson of Lebanon brought the demo bikes to Licking. Riders went out in groups of eight, taking a scenic 30-minute drive out Hwy. 137, crossing over on Hwy. P, and returning back to Sonic. A great chance to try out the new models.

Ozark Harley-Davidson have been bringing Demos once a year almost ever since we began the cruise-in which was 10 years ago, Yes, this is our 10th year & it continues to be a popular event for bikers from all around.  It isn’t unusual on any given night to have bikers from towns in a 60-mile radius or more, in fact sometimes they even come farther, like the guy that rode down from Pacific for this one. You don’t have to be a biker to come to one of the cruise-ins. There are some people just like to drop by, visit & admire the nice bikes.  Some like to tell us stories of their bikes they had years ago or how they always wanted to ride and never got to.  We enjoy visiting with them. Every year at the end of the season, the bikers ask are we going to be here next year. I’ve said from the very first one that as long as they continue to cruise in, we will have a cruise-in.

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